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Company KWK kommt UG

KWK kommt UG” is a limited company specialized on CHP consulting. The name means “CHP is coming”. It carries the subtitles “KnowHow, communication, concept”. “KWK kommt UG” was founded in August 2012 by Adi Golbach, who had been the managing director of the German CHP Association B.KWK from its formation in 2001 up to 2011. “KWK kommt” offers consulting services on CHP on several levels:   energy policy advice for politicians; market strategies and concepts as well as communication services (e.g. press releases) for companies; technical legal and economic know-how for CHP users in industry, hospitals etc.; seminars on CHP in cooperation with professional event companies.

Vita Adi Golbach

born in Lorbach, Rhineland

high school graduation in Bad Münstereifel

Diploma in economics, University of Cologne, specialised in energy economics

1979 to 1991
Consultant in the German Association of the Gas - and Water Industry (BGW),  Bonn (Energy policy, international contakts, gas appliances, new technologies, market partners)

1991 to 1996
Director of the Berlin office of the BGW

1996 to 2000
Managing Director of the "Initiative for supporting small scale CHP" (Fördergemeinschaft Blockheizkraftwerke), Berlin

2001 bis 2011
Co-founder and Managing director of the Federal Association of Combined Heat an Power Production (B.KWK Bundesverband Kraft-Wärme-Kopplung), Berlin

April 2012
Foundation of the consulting company KWK kommt U.G., ("CHP is coming"), Berlin. Owner and Managing Director.

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